Compare Our Rivers: What You Need to Know

"Excellent guides provided thorough safety instructions and we boarded our raft for the journey down the Nahatlatch river through some class 4 and class 3 rapids back to the camp."

What Separates REO from other Rafting Operators?

REO Rafting is a small, family-run business dedicated to providing amazing outdoor adventures. We operate on a large variety of rivers in BC, to ensure everyone experiences the best whitewater rafting available. We encourage all of our potential customers to take the time to research BC's rivers and operators' safety records & standards to find the best experience for you, whether you are a first-time rafter or an experienced whitewater enthusiast. 

Below is a guide to help you with your decision.

Our River Rafting Difficulty Scale: From Easy To Extreme

We compared our river rafting difficulty scale to a ski mountain's ratings for easy reference.
  • Class 1: Easy, moving current requiring little manoeuvring [BUNNY HILL]
  • Class 2: Easy, some sections with waves or rocks, manoeuvring required [GROOMED CAT TRACK]
  • Class 3: Whitewater, small /medium waves, requires manoeuvring to avoid hazards [GREEN /BLUE]
  • Class 4: Steep gradient, sections of continuous whitewater, multiple hazards, medium to large waves, requires strong, sharp manoeuvring [BLUE/BLACK DIAMOND]
  • Class 5: Extreme and violent drops, very steep gradient, severe hazards, very strong and precise manoeuvring required [DOUBLE BLACK DIAMOND]


REO's Rivers with Rapids from Mild to Wild (Class 1 to Class 5)

Fraser River

Fraser float
Scenic rafting with Class 1 & 2 rapids

Green River Canyon

Class 2 & easy Class 3 rapids
(starts below Nairn Falls)


Nicola River

Continuous Class 2 - 3 best in May

Coquihalla River

Small, steep river with continuous 
Class 3 rapids


Thompson River

Large volume river with Class 2 - 4 rapids

★ Nahatlatch River

Class 3, 4 & 4+ rapids, our favourite and most popular run


Stein River

Class 5, the steepest river that is commercially rafted in Canada



The Best Time to Raft Our Rivers

May: High water, super continuous excitement on the Nahatlatch.
June: High - extreme Nahatlatch water levels, amazing campfires, group specials, the very best rafting in BC - Guaranteed.
July: Sunny skies, hot days, prime Nahatlatch rafting, river's edge Glamping + Scenic rafting on the Fraser River.
August: Sunny & hot, peak Glamping season, Nahatlatch River, Nahatlatch Canyon,  Stein River & the mighty Thompson River opens.
September: The best late-summer rafting on the Thompson River.

Any questions on the best time to come? Email Bookings

Choosing The Right River

Choosing a professionally managed and operated company with high safety standards should be your number one priority when booking a rafting adventure, regardless of the difficulty level. Many factors affect a river's difficulty rating and the inherent risks to paddlers. Water levels can change dramatically. Rivers that rise quickly due to rain or hot weather can pose greater risks.

Hazards/obstacles can change unexpectedly. Trees and other debris can create new obstacles. Also, cold water immersion is a hazard and it is important to provide sufficient gear for the elements. 

Judgment and experience of the trip leaders. Regardless of the guides skill level, trip leaders must make judgment calls and decisions about whether or not to run a river section when water levels or hazards have changed. They must take the skill level and/or ages of the guests into account.