Summer Soul Revival Retreat
July 18-21, 2024

Dynamic Wellness Retreat

Where our eyes look, our minds will follow. Come home to yourself in this dynamic retreat, away from the demands of work and life responsibilities to rediscover who you are and restore balance between all three aspects of your own nature: mind, body, and spirit.


Retreat Details

 This women’s only retreat is a perfect blend of versatile Fitness, Wellness Workshops, Relaxation, Interactive FUN and Laughter to energize your core, explore your natural healing power, and connect to other like-minded women. 

 Hosted by this dynamic wellness duo, you will experience a variety of outdoor fitness classes and activities to stimulate all the senses, from group games and activities, to beach lounging, nature treks, and river rafting (optional) to soak in some adrenaline. Dynamic Fitness classes will teach you the fundamentals of restorative postures, core and pelvic floor anchoring, while also challenging you to new personal exercise levels. Condition, strengthen, stabilize, mobilize and relax your body through movement and breadth work.

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Retreat Instructors

Naomi Gilligan

 is a dedicated holistic nutrition and Health counsellor, and Seasoned Kinesiologist. She is the sole proprietor of her business, Naomi4wellness, where she focused on improving comprehensive client wellbeing with compassionate and knowledgeable support. In her practice, she balances 4 key health pillars: Nutrition, Exercise, Stress and Sleep.

Naomi also works in a multidisciplinary clinic as a practicing kinesiologist (Catalyst Kinetics, Burnaby, B.C.). With over 11 years of experience in this field, she helps a wide range of clients reach their active health and injury rehabilitation goals, including athletes. 

Naomi has been an active body throughout her life, and an outdoor enthusiast. She has been an avid soccer player, recreational athlete, and strives to be a leader in the health and wellness space through her education and life journey. As a sole parent of two boys, she proactively aspires and works to achieve a healthy life balance with a vast range of wellness tools and strategies, while inspiring and educating others to do the same. 

Ally Bradshaw

Ally brings over 10+ years of practical experience leading clients in private and semi-private training, classes, as well as local workshops and international retreats. Blending her background in kinesiology, yoga and pilates, she thrives on teaching you how to reconnect to and realign your body through movement. She specializes in neuromuscular training, pelvic floor and core education, functional training, injury specific rehabilitation, meditation and breath-work. 

Ally has a contagious enthusiasm and passion for bringing health and wellness to the lives of others. She hopes to inspire others to explore movement and mindfulness, and to make personal well-being their top priority. Ally firmly believes that “it’s not just about showing people how to move, but providing them with necessary tools to attain their highest level of health and to maintain it with confidence.” 

When not in the clinic (Catalyst Kinetics, Burnaby, B.C), studio, or studying, you can most likely find Ally practicing yoga, running, off- roading, paddle boarding, camping, or hiking with her pup. 

4 Day Retreat Includes:

3 nights in a river's edge glamping tent

  Daily Fitness Classes
Enjoy a variety of fitness, pilates, and yoga classes
  Wellness Sessions
Hormonal balance, breath work and pelvic floor health

8 delicious meals with beverages & dessert

  Beach Volleyball
A FUN group engagement activity!

  Organized Group Activities
Get to know each other during planned activities

  Activity Bundle
Enjoy the perks of our all-inclusive resort

  Resort Facilities
Access to all of the bathroom & shower facilities

Activity Bundle:

  Guided Canyon Hike
1 optional guided hike for each guest

  Private Beach

  Hammock Garden

  Nightly Campfires

  Steamy Hot Tub

  Relaxation Sun Deck

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"Retreats at REO are alike no other. A perfect, soulful and memorable journey."


Favourite Add-ons

Go on an exhilarating whitewater rafting trip

Relax with a 1 hour full-body massage


Sale ends June 27, 2024. All prices are per person. Groups = How many people in one tent.

Groups of 2

Reg Sale
 $1299   $1119

Groups of 3

Reg Sale
 $1059   $949

Groups of 4+

Reg Sale
 $999   $859

Shared Tent (Private Bed)

Reg Sale
 $1099   $999


Up to 4 like-minded guests will be assigned to a shared tent

Camping (Your Own Tent)
Reg Sale
 $879 $795


Fine Print

  • We are open May 31 - September 15, 2024.
  •  The above rates are per person based on the group size staying in one glamping tent. 10% taxes & fees added at checkout.
  • The deposit required to confirm your booking is 15% with the balance due 15 days prior to arrival.
  • If you cancel 15+ days in advance, the 15% deposit will convert to a credit voucher valid until Aug 1, 2026.

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Add-on Activity List

Whitewater Rafting
Experience the adventure of a lifetime by going whitewater rafting on the best river's in BC.
Scenic Float Trip
Relax and unwind as you float down the river with amazing scenery in view.
Take relaxation to a new level with an hour long full-body massage.
Mehatl Hike
Grizzly Fall Hiking 5Hike to the amazing Mehatl Waterfalls. Currently unavailable due to floods.

Lake Kayaking
Kayak on the beautiful lakes that feed the Nahatlatch river. Minimum 3 people.
Paddleboard on scenic lakes and test your balance! Minimum 3 people.
Trek into the wilderness and test your aim at our forested archery area. Minimum 2 people.
Cliff Jump
For some more excitement, jump into the Nahatlatch river!
Minimum. 2 people

*We recommend booking your activities in advance to guarantee availability and to receive your itinerary upon arrival.

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