Covid-19 Updates

The recent Covid-19 crisis has affected us all in different ways, whether it’s financially, socially, or mentally. After the endless headlines and countless video calls, we all deserve to take a break - without breaking the rules.

At REO Rafting & Yoga Resort we are dedicated to providing safe and memorable experiences that you and your loved ones can enjoy together.

Our secluded river's edge resort is the perfect getaway from crowded cities, over-used recreational parks, and busy vacation destinations. Feel at ease as you spend time with friends and family in the beautiful Nahatlatch Valley.


What are we doing to ensure your safety?

We have implemented many policies and guidelines to ensure that our guests and staff stay safe and taken care of. Some of these policies include private rafts for households/groups of 6 people or more, private activities such as canyon hikes, archery, lake kayaking and paddleboarding, outdoor yoga sessions with physical distancing and breathtaking views, individually plated meals and beverages served to private tables, and increased cleaning and disinfection of all facilities of the resort. To view all of our policies, click the link below.

REO Covid-19 Safety Plan

How is REO helping our guests with their reservations?

The REO Team believes in doing what's best for everyone which is why we have reduced our deposit to 15%. For example, if you were booking a rafting day trip, you would only pay around $25 for the deposit which confirms your reservation. Instead of charging a non-refundable fee for cancelling, we have decided to change our policy and convert all deposits paid to a 100% Credit Voucher valid until August 1, 2023. We have also reduced the deadline for cancellations to 15 days prior to your trip to receive the full credit voucher. We feel this new cancellation policy will benefit all of our guests in these challenging times. View our updated cancellation policy below.

REO Covid-19 Cancellation Policy

Thank you!

All of us at REO Rafting & Yoga Resort want to thank you for your understanding and kindness during these times. As a small, family-run business we have faced many challenges this year and are working hard to rebuild our bookings. We appreciate every one of you for your support this year, as well as the last 35 years. We wouldn't be here without you!