SongMatrix Retreat with Wayne Chase
August 28-Sept 2, 2022

The Songwriting Revolution Has Only Just Begun. Don’t Miss Out!

REO Songwriting Retreat

Enjoy an intimate 6-day songwriting retreat in the beautiful Canadian wilderness. Take your songwriting to a whole new level and learn how to write a masterpiece. Enjoy delicious meals, beverages, desserts, daily yoga in our retreat center, evening social hours, dark sky star gazing, nightly campfires, and much more during your intensive 6 day songwriting retreat. Sleep to the sound of the river inside our beautiful glamping tents overlooking the jade-green Nahatlatch River.



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Songwriting on a Whole Other Level

How is it possible that some songwriters have been able to turn out masterpiece after masterpiece, consistently? What did they know that you don’t know? How did they write so many timeless songs, songs well-loved through multiple generations?

You’re probably familiar with many of the songs of these writers. They’re in a league of their own: Bob Dylan, Lennon-McCartney, the Gershwin brothers, Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, Smokey Robinson, Andersson & Ulvaeus, Joni Mitchell, Johnny Mercer, Brian Wilson, Neil Young, Cole Porter, Leonard Cohen, Jagger-Richards, Jerome Kern, Berry & Johnson, Hank Williams Sr., Rodgers & Hammerstein, Harold Arlen, John & Taupin, Van Morrison, Tom Waits. And others.

These are songwriters whose work is on a whole other level. How did they get there? The answer is that they knew certain songwriting techniques that today's songwriters and producers have never had access to.

You can learn those techniques. The same ones known and used by the world's greatest songwriters. The same ones required to gain entry to that league.

The New Songwriting Revolution is About...

• Writing brilliant songs—masterpieces—consistently, by using masterful techniques. “Good” songs are not good enough.

• Writing songs that don’t need the help of high-level production, performance, choreography, video, etc. A songwriting masterpiece stands on its own.

• Writing songs that are only possible by using a matrix of techniques not known by today’s songwriters.

Wayne Chase - Author of SongMatrix
  Wayne Chase - Author, SongMatrix: How Songwriting Really Works!

The Songwriting Revolution: Don't Miss Out

Measurable Standards of Song Quality
•  How to prepare your original song for the SAM Exam: files required, current passing scores, and verification
•  How to test your song’s implementation of musical and lyrical technical variables to determine the song’s score on the masterwork standard
•  What to do if your song fails the SAM Exam
•  How to calculate your lyric's Human Interest Index score
•  What to do if your song fails to achieve a score of 70 or higher on the Human Interest Index
•  How to prepare your lyric for the Character Test
•  What to do if your lyric fails the Character Test
•  How great songs handle ten musical and lyrical "landmine" techniques
•  How a songwriting workstation differs from a practice room, recording set-up, or DAW environment
•  The role (if any) of AI in great songwriting

Musical Techniques of the Masters

•  How all seven harmonic scale degrees are used in great song composition
•  How all 12 notes of the chromatic scale are used in great song composition
•  How and when great songs break 2^n structure
•  How great songs incorporate certain backing vocal techniques such as non-lexicals, vocal takeover, and Greek chorus
•  How great song composition maximizes the effectiveness of enharmonic change
•  How great songs build in the “perfect (flashbulb) storm” technique
•  How great songs establish a certain melodic pitch range within the first 10 seconds of vocal onset
•  How unique recurring chord sequences are used in great song composition
•  How the Song Snippets Composition Chart enables the integration of all song components

Lyrical Techniques of the Masters

•  How great lyrics implement the subjunctive mood
•  How great lyrics incorporate apophenia triggers for narrative modulation
•  Why random selection of words and techniques is vitally important in great songwriting, and how to leverage it
•  How great song lyrics implement techniques such as ablaut reduplication, anadiplosis, chiasmus, diacope, and symploce to refresh the phonological loop and visuospatial sketchpad in the listener’s working memory
•  How great song lyrics implement techniques such as adynaton, catachresis, hypallage, prolepsis, and syllepsis to spark a listener’s emotional identification with characters
•  How great song lyrics implement techniques such as anastrophe, congeries, enallage, hendiadys, and pleonasm to stimulate the creation of long-term episodic memories in the listener’s brain
•  How great song lyrics exploit the psychological effects of time-indicating words and idioms
•  How great song lyrics avoid implementing confusing homophones
Exclusive Content: Each participant will receive more than 450 pre-release pages of material from the forthcoming book, SongMatrix: How Songwriting REALLY Works, plus exclusive content from the forthcoming book, Words with Power.         


Retreat Instructor - Wayne Chase

Wayne Chase is the author of half a dozen reference works on musical and lyrical technique.

Chase has worked as a music scholar, record producer, session player, recording engineer, and instructor in songwriting, music production, the music business, and recording arts. He invented the "Chase chart," a visual method of chord progression analysis, which first appeared in his book, How Music REALLY Works!, 1st Edition.

He is also the developer of Song Audition Matrix, a process for quantitatively auditioning the musical and lyrical technical characteristics of songs to determine their quality and probability of having a significant emotional impact on audiences.

Chase is an expert in the identification, measurement, and analysis of emotional meaning in language and other media. He invented a related technology (Connotative Intelligence), and holds five patents in the field. His expertise in this area informs the lyrics section of How Music REALLY Works!, 2nd Edition.

Unplug with us in an intimate, stunning wilderness setting, and give yourself the gift of taking your writing and creativity to where it was meant to be. But be forewarned:Your Songs Will Never Be the Same!



Absolutely Incredible and Inspiring Experience! ★★★★★
“I can't say enough about how amazing the songwriting retreat was at REO. So much talent and creativity. Fantastic people creating together everyday in the most gorgeous setting you could imagine!”




All-Inclusive SongMatrix Retreat

  5 nights in a river's edge glamping tent

  Master Classes
12 master classes covering music, lyrical techniques

  Songwriting Breakouts
Intensive writing & valuable feedback

14 delicious chef-inspired meals, beverages & desserts

Optional yoga session daily in our retreat center

  Guided Hike
Optional guided hike during your stay

  Social Hour
Social hour with wine, craft cider, and snacks Mon & Wed

Resort Highlights

  Private Beach

  Hammock Garden

  Nightly Campfires

  Relaxing Hot Tub


Rafting Activity Offer:

  Rafting Sale
Book a rafting trip at a discounted rate of $100!


Rates: All-inclusive 6 day/5 night Retreat

All prices are per person all-inclusive. Sale ends July 15, 2022. Groups = How many people in one tent.

Groups of 4

Rate  Sale
 $1450  $1299

Groups of 3

Rate  Sale
 $1550 $1399


Groups of 2






Single Occupancy (Private Tent)






Shared Tent (Private Bed in 3/4 share)






Camping/Own Tent (email to book)






Fine Print

  •  The above rates are per person based on the group size staying in one glamping tent. 10% taxes & fees added at checkout.
  • A 15% deposit required to confirm your booking with the balance due 15 days prior to arrival.
  • If you cancel 15+ days in advance, the 15% deposit will convert to a credit voucher valid until August 1, 2024.

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Retreat Contact: Bryan Fogelman
Call 604-307-3122 or email Bryan
For Reservations: 1-800-736-7238

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Retreat Information

YXX Airport Shuttle

REO offers an optional shuttle departure from YXX Abbotsford airport from $80 pp (min 2).  For shuttle transport fr Vancouver to REO see the eBus schedule for times and rates to Hope BC. REO offers shuttles fr Hope to REO from $60 pp (min 2) .


Ride Shares / Car Rentals

We try to help arrange ride shares with other songwriters from the Vancouver area. Car rentals from $350 are available from Vancouver (YVR, 3.25 hours to REO) and Abbotsford (YXX, 2 hours to REO) for 6 day/5 night rental.


Retreat Start Time

Check in begins at 4 pm on Sunday August 28. Our keynote presentation begins at 6 pm. All meals are included in your retreat package from Sunday dinner to Friday breakfast. A complimentary social hour is offered on Mon and Wed at 6:30 pm

End time & Departure

Our final session is on Friday Sept from 9:30-10:45 am.  Check out time is 11 am, except for those that are catching the 10:30 shuttle to Hope BC to connect with the bus ride to Vancouver. or for shuttles to YXX Abbotsford BC.



Pre and Post Retreat Extensions

A retreat extension is a popular add-on to enjoy our beautiful wilderness resort. Great for long-haul travelers to unwind before or after. Rates start at $249 CAD pp per night with lodging and 2 meals. Please call for details on all of our amazing pre and post-retreat package options.

Retreat Organizer

Bryan Fogelman has organized and hosted the REO retreat for the past 22 years and has learned from many of the best songwriting mentors in the world. Bryan started Blue Crush Music Ltd as an artist development company. In addition to his own songs, Bryan is writing and producing songs with artists and producers in Sweden, the US, Australia and Canada.


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